I tap into and connect with a psychic awareness that reveal insights to help you discover self-love, find your passion and joy as you take steps to become your true authentic self.  I love this work and I hope you will find me very personable and easy to relate to.

I understand that life’s challenges can throw us off track but there is advice and guidance just waiting for you from the spirit world that will help you heal, make positive life changes, and feel better.

I like to incorporate meditation into my work with clients, since I use this myself daily and know it to be extremely effective for calming before giving a psychic reading.  I am able to see you as whole being, (i.e. mind, body and spirit) and utilize positive psychology and law of attraction methods to help you heal.


  • Communicating with Loved Ones 

Once our loved ones have passed away they drop their physical body and their souls are with Spirit.  To connect with your loved one, I raise my own vibrational frequency to align with the frequency of Spirit and connect with a loved one who may want to come through for you.  Sometimes in the afterlife a loved one may not appear due to other ancestral energies coming through that are more important for you to discover and learn about. 

As I tap into your energy field, I am able to see, feel, and hear guided psychic information from your spirit guides that will bring you insights and answers to problems and questions you have in the present, past, or even future.

When we begin our reading, I will clarify with you what kind of information is available to you.

The sessions I offer are not meant to be weekly coaching/therapy appointments, but guidance sessions whenever you are called to connect, the sessions are professional, intuitively guided, and deeply rooted to your spiritual self.

What kind of questions can I ask?

I encourage you to be specific with the information you require, this enables a clear, effective flow of intuitive guidance and visions to help you see new perspectives and connect you to a new path.

Quite often a loved one will be present to bring you comfort and strength with a message that makes sense for you. 

How Long Is A Reading? 

Readings take 60 minutes. We evaluate this guidance and I discuss and help you clarify the messages to bring calm and resolve.

What do I need to do prior to a reading? 

You need not do anything, but I do suggest you are in a calm, peaceful state, this enables me to tune in more effectively with your energy field and Spirit, bringing clear guidance and information.

What makes my readings different? 

As a trained former psychotherapist for 15 plus years, I understand the profound value of helping people find peace, solutions and resolution with emotional and life challenges. I understand the vulnerability that people often face when sadness or emotions rock their world and I am mindful of boundaries and clear communication to help you move forward.

Telephone Sessions 

Readings are conducted by phone

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