Erica Korman


Erica Korman is a Motivational-Spiritual Expert/Speaker and International Psychic-Medium Energetic Healer


I love connecting people from our world to the spirit world. This profound connection helps reawaken your heart and reconnect with your beautiful inner sparkle inducing more peace, calm, happiness, and freedom for you.

Spiritual assistance from loved ones

I communicate with deceased loved ones who want to share with me reassuring guidance and insights to help you see new perspectives, bring closure, solace and answers to your questions. The information is always accurate, insightful and down to earth.

Questions you have about your past, present or, challenges you are experiencing, are also covered in my readings. The information given helps you move away from chaos and drama and connect to what is truly important.

Reassurance and Compassion

Your health, emotional, and spiritual well-being are extremely important to me and I ensure that you receive compassionate guidance and wisdom to help you move forward.

What sets me apart from other Mediums

As a former psychotherapist, I value the importance of helping you find a new path. Moving away from heaviness and confusion, and into the light and freedom. I hold space for my clients to process and connect with the guidance I share.  You will find me very down to earth, personable, professional and easy to relate to.

Always know that… All is Well.

Much Love,

Erica : )