How I Work

Photo Mar 03, 11 04 52 AMI’m a Psychic Medium, Psychotherapist and Spiritual Teacher. I work with people individually and in small groups, as well as hosting larger groups incorporating Spirituality and Mediumship. I am able to sense and feel things about people and tap into their energy. As a result, I’m able to see information about their past, present and future, feel their emotions, as well as connect with their loved ones who have passed on.  With this specific information, as well as my years of practicing psychotherapy, I’m able to support individuals to make the right life decisions and help put them on the path to finding inner-peace and happiness.  Through this work they can begin to find their passion and purpose in life and feel a sense that they are not alone in this world and that “All is well”.

When in session, I am able to connect with a person’s “Guides” in Spirit and their loved ones who have passed over, bringing them important information that can help them in their daily lives, as well as messages of love and comfort that help them heal immensely.  People are looking to be healed in so many ways from grief, addiction, loss, employment issues, family issues and some much more. This process helps them get answers to their life questions from the messages and guidance I receive.  By connecting with their loved ones I’m able to help them find closure to certain life situations that they are left feeling confused about when a loved one passes.  To know their loved one is okay and is guiding them and only wants the best for them is extremely healing to people. They share that they feel “lighter” and more “at peace” after a session. They feel a deep sense of relief, like something has been lifted.

Photo Nov 11, 10 21 26 AM

As a Psychotherapist, I am able to hold the space for whatever intense emotion comes up for people during our session, as well as provide them empathy, deep listening  and coaching in the area they are wanting to heal.  I also integrate the techniques of  Affirmations and Meditations to give clients and inner sense of peace. I work with the Law of Attraction, teaching my clients about how they create their own reality. Being a health coach I’m able to guide them towards a path of healing and health by sharing my best tips and tools for how to take care of their body, mind and spirit.  I teach simple Meditation and breathing techniques as well, which help my clients bring a sense of peace and mindfulness in their daily lives.

 For me, discovering this gift was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.  I feel blessed and honored to be doing this work. I combine my Psychic and Mediumship work with the over 17+ years of experience I have as a Psychotherapist, a Spiritual Teacher and a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and I find it all works beautifully together.

I’m beyond grateful everyday that I can do this amazing work.  It brings my clients and I a sense of healing and joy everyday.