Tap Into Your Inner Psychic

Tap into your inner Psychic to learn how to live a magical life and discover your Passion and Purpose!

Led by Erica Korman – Psychotherapist/Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher.

Join Erica and a small group on a inspirational journey over 4 weeks to discover your inner Psychic ability and what is blocking you from living a magical life! You will discover your passion and purpose in life.

Do something fun and different by yourself or with your partner or friend. This course will change your life forever!

Erica will use her own Psychic/Mediumship abilities to answer all of your spiritual questions and help you discover the blocks that are keeping you from living a life that fulfills your mind, body and soul. This course will deeply enrich your life and you will walk away a changed person!

* Small, intimate group setting

* Learn how to tap into your psychic abilities to live a more fulfilled and magical life!

* Discover your passion and purpose in life!

* Learn ways to protect your energy from being depleted when you are around certain people

* Learn how to interpret what the syncronicities in your life are trying to teach you!

* Learn simple meditations to calm down, relax and open you up to your intuition.

* Learn simple grounding exercises to help you feel stable and connected.