Erica’s Story

For my entire life I have been drawn to help people and make a difference in their lives.

My journey began with Psychotherapy as I just loved connecting with people. Once I graduated from NYU with a Master’s Degree, I then completed my post-master’s advanced training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from NYU’s Psychoanalytic Institute.

My passion led me to working in many Psychiatric Hospitals and Clinics in Manhattan and Queens as I specialized in Addictions and Eating disorders.  I was a Therapist and Supervisor at these various places.

In 2005, I excitedly launched my own private practice in New York City focusing on all areas of Mental Health with people from all walks of life.  I loved it, and I was successful.  However, after about 12 years I began to notice that I wanted to give more, beyond my traditional training and help my clients tap into their spiritual nature.

Around the same time, I began to feel different about myself, and began to ‘see’ people who had passed over bringing me messages for loved ones, I also began to receive Psychic messages.

I remember the very first message I received as I was sitting with a client and I saw her dead brother appear. As you can imagine I was freaked out and in total shock. The messages began to roll in and I began to wonder what I was going to do with this new ‘gift’, especially as a professional Psychotherapist – how would this affect my practice and my two daughters? They keep me very well grounded and ‘normal’.

I learned through connecting with another Medium that my Mom, who had died young, and my Grandma were both intuitive and had their own Psychics “gifts.” I have since discovered other family members on both sides of my family have these abilities as well but hadn’t told anyone.  I have since come to realize I wasn’t ready to fully accept my psychic gift in the early days until I had gone through my professional training, and I am so glad I did.  It took my move to Miami and feeling relaxed for the first time in my life for my ability to truly come out.

As my Psychic Mediumship skills began to build, I increasingly found myself working with both living and dead celebrities who had passed over and my practice began to shift in its direction. Finally, I was ready to leave behind my life as a Psychotherapist, and step into my new life as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Leader.

I now live in Miami working with clients from around the world helping them achieve an inner sense of peace, healing and calm in their lives. Through this work, they are able to learn and grow to become the happiest and best version of themselves. Being a  mom and psychic medium based in Miami is my idea of heaven J


Erica has appeared on TV for TLC, MSNBC and CBS4 while been featured in print for Ocean Drive Magazine, Aventura Magazine, The New York Post, Star Magazine, Life and Style Weekly, and Hola Latinos.