Erica Korman

International Psychic Medium, Energetic Healer, Spiritual/ Motivational Expert

If you think Psychic Mediums aren’t real… then you’ve never met Erica Korman. Relatable, warm, and down to earth, Erica is redefining what it means to be a Medium in the modern age: Her unique calling dials her in to other dimensions… But as a newly-single mom living, working and playing in Miami, Erica seamlessly blends the lines between the “real world” with the Spiritual world.

And that includes providing real healing to real people. In addition to her work as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual/ Motivational Expert, Erica is also an Energetic Healer, harnessing physical energy and light from the Universe to impart another layer of restorative care.

Born and raised in Long Island, Erica was drawn to help people from an early age. While she appeared to have a happy suburban life in some ways—it was permeated by profound loss: She was just 17 when her mother passed away; a loss so devastating that it shook Erica to her core. But although the loss of her mother unraveled her, it also guided her— allowing her to understand and connect deeply with others who were struggling with their own kinds of trauma.

Erica completed her post-master’s advanced training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from NYU’s Psychoanalytic Institute, going on to work at Psychiatric hospitals and supervise clinics throughout New York before launching her private practice in Manhattan.

But the Universe had something else in store for her. She moved with her family and practice to Miami in 2012— a transition which would not only alter the course of her life but wake her up to her true purpose. Surrounded by tropical beauty and free from the craziness of Manhattan, Erica was finally able to tap into her inner voice. She got certified in Holistic Nutrition, planning to integrate that training into her Psychotherapy practice. She also began to meditate. It felt as though a whole new world had opened up. Relaxed, and connected to her true self for the very first time, her inner voice finally had the clarity and space to flourish.

But as it did, unusual things began to happen. It was around that time she began to feel different and began to ‘see’ people who had passed over that were bringing her messages for

“I realized this isn’t about me— it’s bigger than that; it’s about how many people I can heal with this gift.

  • Erica Korman

loved ones, and she also began to receive Psychic messages (seeing, hearing and feeling information about people). All the while, her inner voice continued to grow louder— and it told her that there was something beyond her traditional training that would help her clients tap into their spiritual nature.

As a Psychotherapist, Erica herself was in shock and disbelief when, one day, as she was sitting with a client, she saw the client’s dead brother appear. She feared that as this message and the others that began to flood in, she wouldn’t know how to use her gift and was concerned what others would think. But being in Miami brought her a sense of tranquility.

Reflecting on what pushed her to overcome her doubts and fears and bring her gifts out into the open, she says “I realized this isn’t about me— it’s bigger than that; it’s about how many people I can help and heal with this gift. I have a duty and obligation to share it.”

Diving into this new world head first, Erica was eager to learn about all aspects of the spiritual and Psychic realms, to learn more about herself and her gifts. And as she did so, she was able to accept and begin building her skills.

A meeting with another Medium revealed that her mother and grandmother both had Psychic gifts, too—and that there were other members, on both of her family, that had Psychic abilities as well. Unlocking this family secret helped her embrace who she truly was.

As Erica stepped into her life as a Psychic Medium, Energetic Healer and Spiritual/ Motivational Expert, she began to see that her experience in Psychotherapy was the perfect complement to her new path. “Visiting a Psychic Medium can offer or unlock a deeper level of healing for people,” she says. “It can be very enlightening and easy to understand for people because they can feel it.” Her background as a Psychotherapist continues to play a role in her journey as she values the importance of helping others move away from heaviness and confusion and into the light and freedom.

Six years later, Erica has fulfilled her dream of helping others in ways she never thought possible— and she is finally, fully, living her truth. She’s been on her own journey of self-love— while helping others learn to love themselves as well. “I feel the most ME I’ve ever felt,” she explains.

Today, Erica has built a thriving business working with clients from around the world, as well with both living and dead celebrities who have passed over. A sought-after source and expert, Erica appeared TLC, MSNBC and CBS TV programs and has featured Refinery29, Readers Digest, The New York Post, Star Magazine, Ocean Drive Magazine, Aventura Magazine, The New York Post, Star Magazine, Life and Style Weekly, Miami Modern Luxury and Hola Latinos.

“Every step of your journey is the perfect puzzle piece to where you are today— and where you’re heading.”

  • Erica Korman

“I still can’t believe I get these kinds of flashes and downloads, and I’m grateful every day for this gift.”

  • Erica Korman In addition to her work as a Psychic Medium, Energetic Healer and Spiritual/ Motivational Expert, Erica hosts interactive workshops that touch upon intuition, gratitude, self-love, forgiveness, meditation combined with her readings.

Recently divorced, Erica can be found living her best life in Miami with her two daughters. She has achieved a unique kind of balance that allows her to channel the beyond, while also staying incredibly grounded. “I’ll have a super intense session with a client, and then switch gears and pick my kids up from school, and go out at night with friends,” she explains. “I’m a Medium— but I live in the real world.”

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